Cleaning Ink Cartridges And Printheads Made Easy with Ultrasonic Cleaners

If you work with the IT department or if you own a printer at home you would have definitely seen the print heads clogged. The clogging can happen either of two ways –the printer was not in use for quite some time or the print cartridge was empty for a while.

Cleaning ink cartridges

As an IT admin of the company you may run the self-cleaning program from your system to clean the ink cartridge; however that might not help you always to remove the clogging from the ink cartridges.

Another option to clean the ink cartridge is to do a manual cleaning. However it is again a time consuming, hassle-full and tedious task.

All you need to do is to locate your printhead (inside the printer machine) using the printer manual, remove the ink cartridges and rub the print head using a cotton swab dipped in warm water or isopropyl alcohol to remove the dry ink.

Obviously this cannot be completed in a short time and you need sometime for completing this task. And when it is bit urgent you find yourself helpless.

Obviously you can’t tell the employees not take print outs till the printer issue is resolved.

Waiting for two days or nights without having an alternate option to clean the ink cartridge or printhead to help your employees to get clear prints from the office printer is really awkward and embarrassing for you.

Well, you can use the ultrasonic ink cartridge cleaners to find out an easier solution in such difficult situations.

Ultrasonic printhead cleaner is one of the most crucial device for professionals who want to clean the ink cartridges and printer heads in an efficient way without costing an arm and a leg.

How Does Ultrasonic Printhead & Ink Cartridge Cleaner Work?

Ultrasonic Ink Cartridge Cleaner

Ultrasonic Ink Cartridge Cleaner

Well, you may be thinking about how these professional ultrasonic cleaners work for getting the cleaned ink cartridges?

Let me tell you that these ultrasonic ink cartridge cleaners are capable of cleaning every inaccessible part of your inkjet printer.

These cleaners have nozzles that help you to clean the dry ink from every single hidden point of a clogged ink cartridge.

Ultrasonic cleaning process creates thousands of tiny bubbles that are capable of expanding and compressing and thus by cleaning each and every dust particle from the ink cartridge and print head.

This technology works on the rule of cavitation that occurs when small bubbles form and fall violently on the cleaning solution.

You need to put your electronic part or any other delicate item in the cavity of the ultrasonic printhead cleaning machine that contains a suitable solution. The solution may vary according to the kind of material of the item.

Ultrasonic cleaning avoids the need of manual cleaning which actually does not clean the clogged ink from the printerhead completely. Most of the ultrasonic cleaners use water based cleaning solutions to make the equipment environment friendly.

In few cases where there is a need to remove dust and other fine particles the cleaning can be done just by using filtered water, so it reduces cost as well as the need of cleaning contaminated or toxic detergent based solutions.

Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Cleaners for Printhead and Cartridges

Using ultrasonic ink cartridge cleaner provides more benefits over the traditional manual cleaning method which used to take hours to complete.

Ultrasonic cleaning has been identified as the best effective, less expensive and energy efficient cleaning method for cleaning ink cartridges. Ultrasonic ink cartridge cleaners provide top level cleaning when compared to any other cleaning methods.

Ultrasonic ink cartridge cleaners are well versed in cleaning the surface without friction and also the cleaning happens within a short span of time when compared to the manual cleaning methods. Today’s ultrasonic ink cartridge cleaners are very energy efficient in nature. The energy efficiency feature helps in reducing the expenses as well.

With an ultrasonic printhead cleaning machine no more hand scrubbing is needed to clean the cartridge which is really a very long running process by nature. Moreover, you don’t need to use isopropyl alcohol or any toxic substances that can harm your hands, to clean the cartridge manually.

Besides using ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning printheads and cartridges, you can also use services and devices offered at Printhead Doctor. They provide printhead recovery machine that is good for efficient cleaning at a good price. Especially if you have printheads that are too stubborn to clean, you can check their services and devices.

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