Haier is a multinational company based in China manufacturing high quality home appliances which include the ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning a range of household items. This company has the largest share in the market relating to white goods and the Haier ultrasonic cleaner is a product which they feel proud about.



The ultrasonic cleaner manufactured by Haier not only is useful for cleaning jewellery but also a range of other items such as coins, DVDs, watches and other households which makes it a versatile device to use at home. It is user friendly with exclusive features making it easy to handle.

The Haier ultrasonic cleaner is a useful item which makes cleaning faster and better with all corners of any item being accessed properly to ensure that there is no dust or grime left in the items. Elegant in design and compact in features, it is one of the most popular household gadgets available in the market.

A lot of research work and innovative thinking has been put by the company in manufacturing the ultrasonic cleaning device which has become popular for households, simply because of the easy operation and improvised cleaning.

According to various Haier ultrasonic jewelry cleaner reviews present online it has been made clear that these devices are absolutely safe to use and has been designed as per health standards. The microscopic cleansing method ensures that the item is cleaned thoroughly leaving no dirt or hand soil inside even the tiniest spaces within.

When looking for Haier ultrasonic cleaning device, models such as HU780PG, HU335W and HU781B can be considered. Below we provide the detailed review on the best Haier ultrasonic cleaners that are bestsellers. You may check these models and buy one for your personal as well as professional use.

Haier HU335W Ultrasonic Cleaner Review

If you are worried about scrub cleaning your valuable jewels, glasses or dentures every now and the or if you are one among those people who tend to procrastinate your cleaning job because you don’t have the time or energy to spend on it, then a solution to your problem is Haier HU335W Ultrasonic Cleaner that helps in cleaning jewelry, glasses, coins or any other valuable items in your shelf. Haier jewelry cleaner can be used to provide luster and shine to your jewels.

Microscopic bubbles created by the energy waves helps in removing dirt and associated dust particles. This process will help in efficiently restoring items that makes it look new and original. An advantage of getting hold of a Haier HU335W Ultrasonic Cleaner is that they are chemical less and normal tap water can be used for cleaning purposes.

Functioning: The cleaner equips a sealed stainless steel chamber that can hold up to one pint of water at a point. Fill the chamber with water and drop in the items you require to clean. Plug in the chord to a socket. The Haier Ultrasonic Cleaner carries an indicator point to denote ON and OFF mode. The equipment beams with an alarm to denote that cleaning is complete. Usually this takes only about 3 minutes and not more.

Features: Some of the advantageous features of Haier HU335W Ultrasonic Cleaner are as follows:

  • Stainless-steel cleaning tank with 20.3-ounce capacity
  • Automatic 3-minute cleaning cycle
  • 8 by 5-1/2 by 5 inches; weighs 1.7 pounds

Cleaning and Maintenance: Although the cleaner is aimed at cleaning your house hold valuables the machine in turn also requires cleaning and maintenance. Once the desired purpose is achieved make sure that you empty the chamber and dry them out with a towel. This is done to ensure that no moisture content is left sticking to the machine. Make sure that the machine is always unplugged while not in use.

This brand new Haier HU335W Ultrasonic Cleaner is the perfect house hold item that helps you from wasting your time in cleaning your valuable antique jewelry, eye glasses or any other items from losing its original spark and shine.

Haier HU780PG 16-Ounce Programmable Ultrasonic Jewelry and CD Cleaner Review

Many among you are living in a busy schedule that no one gets enough time to indulge in cleaning jewels, antiques, watches or any items of that sort. Or if at all decision and time is made to cleaning them the process of scrubbing and washing will take out a whole day and leave you tired for the rest of the day.

Other than jewels another neglected item are the CD’s. Over the long run many CD tend to get dusty or scratched and cleaning them without actually hurting a CD is a tough task at hand. What if you are provided with a solution to clean your jewels and CD’s all in one equipment?

One such solution to your problem is the Haier HU780PG  16-Ounce Programmable Ultrasonic Jewelry and CD Cleaner.

Operation and features: The brand new Haier ultrasonic cleaner gives you an advantage of using tap water instead of any chemicals. It uses power generated by microscopic bubbles to clean the contents. The features included in the Haier HU780PG 16-Ounce Programmable Ultrasonic Jewelry and CD Cleaner are:

  • Stainless steel tank with 16 ounce storage
  • Automatic cleaning cycle that takes only 3 minutes to complete
  • Measures 8 by 6 ½ inches and weighs 2.8 pounds.

Structure: Haier Jewelry cleaner is plastic housed and carries a basket that’s stainless steel and can be used for the purpose of cleaning jewelry. In addition the equipment also includes a removable tray and special spaces to hold DVD/CD and a watch stand. If you are into the process of cleaning your valuables all you need to do is to fill the equipment with the required amount of water and plug in the chord.

Safety features: Make sure to plug in the chord only after the entire fillings are done. An indicator with ON and OFF feature is at the top to indicate status. Haier HU780PG 16-Ounce Programmable Ultrasonic Jewelry and CD Cleaner automatically lets off a beam sound once 3 minutes scheduled for cleaning is complete.

Once the use is over ensure to keep the equipment in a dry environment to not let any moisture stick on it.

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