5 Things to Look When You Buy Ultrasonic Cleaner for Personal Use

Are you planning to buy an ultrasonic cleaner? Let me tell you that there is a wide variety of ultrasonic cleaners available in the market to choose from!

And for this reason people often get into dilemma, when they actually need to buy a best machine for personal use.

As we know, ultrasonic cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning equipment that do its job without mess or fuss. No matter whether you want this cleaning machine at home or at workplace, this is a great device to serve your purpose well.

These smart machines offer many benefits that are not available with other types of cleaning products.

Besides home purpose, they are being used in many different areas including medical, electronics, food processing, aerospace, disaster recovery and much more.

However, as there are many brands and products available to buy, in order to find the best ultrasonic cleaner – you need to identify your needs and figure out what you want exactly.

5 Important Things to Check Before Buying A Best Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine

There are certainly few things to take care of when buying a best ultrasonic cleaner for family use. Here we list out 5 most important things to look at:

1- Size Matters a Lot: You have to ensure that the ultrasonic tank of the machine you choose is of the right size. Avoid buying a unit that is too small for your heavy parts, or a unit that cannot handle the number of parts you are placing into it.

If you feel the unit you are purchasing is very small (before you purchase it), then it will certainly be very small when you start using it. Consequently, you will not be able to gain the great many benefits out of your ultrasonic cleaning as you will most probably place even more parts than you actually imagined.

Check and find the tank capacity of the ultrasonic cleaner that suits your cleaning needs. Depending on your needs, you may require larger tank for cleaning purpose.

600 ml to 750 ml tank (about 20 oz) is an ideal recommended tank size capacity for basic cleaning purpose. You can go for it unless you require the bigger machine for professional cleaning.

2- Power and Frequency: Right cleaning power is necessary for your application and cleaning needs. So, it is best to discuss your requirement with a qualified ultrasonic company in order to understand what is necessary.

Mostly, ultrasonic cleaners are equipped with the right ultrasonic power and frequency for different kinds of operations.

Thus while choosing your best ultrasonic cleaning machine ensure that you get the right frequency for your application.

Most applications are outfitted with 40-45 kHz frequency. But if you have any special requirements (such as sub-micron cleaning,  fine cleaning of delicate jewelry items, cleaning sensitive electronics, etc) then the needed frequency is higher which may range from 68 kHz to 130 kHz.

Also it is important to note that lower frequency range makes a device bit louder or noisy. So if you want to have a low noise device it is must to get the optimum frequency range (which is 35-45 kHz). Consider this element very important and ensure that you get the right frequency range while buying.

3- Process: Ultrasonic process consists of the dwell time of the unit along with the chemistry concentration and the bath temperature. So, you are advised to get a ‘how to do process sheet’ from your ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer.

Another important factor is cycle time. If you are comfortable with turning on the heater when cleaning process is going on, then you can go for a cleaner that has low cycle times.

However, if you are looking for an ultrasonic cleaner that requires little supervision, then it is wise to pick one that has longer cycle times. Most items require 15 – 30 minutes cycles time. But to clean stubborn dirt and grime, you will need units with longer cycle times.

4- Chemistry and Solvents: Even though majority of ultrasonic applications are cleaned in water based solutions, they also need certain kind of soap additive or solvents for the stubborn filthy matter that is adhered to the surface of the metal.

So, you need to get the right cleaning solution or solvent from your manufacturer that is best recommended to use in the machine you choose. Additionally you can also get soaps designed especially to remove oils and filter in the bath.

5- Warranty and Services: This is most important to check when you buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Make sure that the warranty services offered by the manufacturer are easily accessible and are not too costly for you.

Without a proper warranty, the gadget such as this one can get you in trouble and may cost you much in case of break down. Additionally you need to check for the available after sales services and support which will help you operate your machine in an efficient manner.

What Type of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Is Good For Me?

If you are looking for an ultrasonic cleaner for your home use, a table top is a good buy as it has multifaceted use. You can use this to clean your jewelry items, dentures, CDs, watches and many other items at home effortlessly.

In general the shape and size of the parts to be cleaned requires considering, as the cleaner comes in various sizes. There are:

  • Specific high capacity cleaner- These are more suitable for cleaning light industrial parts,
  • General purpose cleaner- These are used for cleaning jewelry, coins and other types of fragile parts, and
  • Petite cleaners- These are used for medical, surgical items, purchased particularly to perform their cleaning task

Based on above, choose the machine that is best suited as per the need you have.

Opting for a digital ultrasonic cleaner is a wise decision when you are buying the device. It is important to choose a model that is easy to understand and will allow you to operate easily. Thus it is advisable to buy a model that has an easy to read digital display panel.

Heater based unit are good to opt for most advanced cleaning results. As heating enhances the cleaning process it is better to go for a unit that has built in heater. Especially if you want to clean the stubborn oil, lubricants, dirt, etc. opting for a heater based ultrasonic cleaner is a wise decision.

Generally it comes with an additional price and if you can’t afford, you can use slightly hot water in the tank which can serve the same purpose.

The above mentioned tips are expected to help you greatly when you buy an ultrasonic cleaner for home use.

Where To Buy Ultrasonic Cleaner for My Personal Usage?

The market is swamped with wide range of digital ultrasonic cleaner, and all of them come with transducer, basket, filter, and container tank. Reliant on the purpose for which these cleaners must be used, its size, capacity and functioning varies.

Read the manufacturer’s instruction and quote before picking any type of electronic cleaner. This will make your task much easier and in return you will get a great machine for thoroughly cleaned parts.

If your mind is swamped with the thoughts like where can i buy an ultrasonic cleaner, you can then take the help of  web forums, blogs and directories where you will get information of companies selling top quality branded ultrasonic cleaners. Here you can find top rated products at cost effective rates.

Just make sure that you go for a branded product which are previously reviewed by the customers who have used them before.

Amazon is a place to look at where you can compare and choose the best ultrasonic cleaners. Check them out here and get one for your home and family.

Also if you are OK to invest some more time while searching online, you may find some good condition used ultrasonic cleaners at lower rates. These can be best for investment, in case if you want the machine for single or occasional use.

You can also consider these used ultrasonic cleaning machines if in case you do not have enough budget for purchasing the costly machine.

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